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A local's guide to Nantucket Island

One of our favorite places in the world is Nantucket Island. Just off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this tiny island is overflowing with New England charm. We caught up with Zach Ryan, apparel entrepreneur & photographer (with a pretty incredible Instagram account), to give us his take on how he likes to spend his time on the island.

Fair Seas: What is something you simply must do or see while visiting Nantucket?

Zach: Other than the beautiful beaches, or the indescribable scenery and architecture Sconset has to offer, over the years I’ve noticed that the town always offers one, if not a variety, of new small shops in town. The second I step foot on the island, settle into my cottage, being the entrepreneur enthusiast that I am, I generally stroll, through welcoming all the new store owners, supporting the products they have to offer. Speaking of brands, Faherty - a unique surfing apparel line - just opened. They’ve been in business for a while and the guys who run it are the coolest, down to earth people. So my suggestion, if you happen to be on the island this summer, check them out!

Fair Seas: As a small business ourselves, we love that you take the time to do that! We know you’ve spent a lot of time on Nantucket, what’s your favorite summer memory here?

Zach: Jeez, I have so many great memories on this island growing up it’s hard to pick one other than wrestling sharks, participating in a local fashion show, spending many birthdays here, learning how to drive stick for the first time, or meeting some of my closest friends. I have to say a memory that’s lasted is when I was probably 15 years old. One night, my father and I climbed to the roof of our house, we laid down, looked up to Nantucket’s gleaming starry sky, and for hours we just dazed, had a few laughs, and he would quiz me on my constellation knowledge. It was simple, peaceful, and was something you can only witness on Nantucket.

Fair Seas: What a great memory with your dad! OK, so on to the food. What’s the best place to grab brunch?

Zach: Hands down, Island Kitchen! The breakfast food is too damn good. They make some mean bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on a toasted English muffin. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of BEC’s in my day, and nothing compares to this place.

Fair Seas: You sound like an expert, so we’ll take your word. What about your favorite spot for dinner?

Zach: Madaket Millie’s has always been a top favorite for me. Great seafood, bar, and quesadillas!

Fair Seas: Nantucket is surrounded by beautiful beaches. What’s your favorite beach to head to and why?

Zach: Gosh other than the ones you can just drive your Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler on, set up a BBQ, and laugh the night away, I have to say Nobadeer Beach has always been the go to beach. If you find the right spot, it's not too crowded (except on the Fourth of July - if you’re a Nantucketer, you know why), the waves are great for surfing and swimming, and the location is beautiful. I have also grown up coming here with family and friends so it has that special place in my heart.

Fair Seas: Any beach you can drive your car on sounds amazing. Ok, so you’ve clearly got the local scoop on things. What’s your favorite secret spot on the island.

Zach: Brant Point Light. Not many people tend to go there at night, it’s more of a day attraction there. I’ll generally bring a flashlight, walk to the famous lighthouse, and sit on the rocks that encompass it, looking out to all the lit up boats coming in and out of the harbor. I find a lot of inspiration for my work there.

Fair Seas: That sound like something out of a movie! Alright, if you had just one day to spend in Nantucket, what would you do?

Zach: The perfect way to spend a day there is too wake up at the crack of dawn, throw your running shoes on or hop on a bike and get a good workout in. On your way back, pick up some coffee and donuts from Downy Flake or breakfast meals from Fog Island or Island Kitchen and bring it back for whomever you're staying with. Then, pack up the car with all necessary beach equipment and drive to the beach of your choice. Find a spot to spend the day, meet up with your friends, and take in the summer sun over drinks, homemade food, tracks by Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, and a game of Kadima. Once the sun begins to set, head back to home base, shower off your sandy and sea salty hair in an outdoor shower, make a reservation for everyone at your favorite seafood restaurant in town, and throw on your casual dinner outfits. Walk there, get seated, and enjoy the amazing wine and food. Finish the night by strolling through historic main street and grabbing a waffle cone from the legendary Juice Bar.

Fair Seas: That sounds like our perfect kind of day! Anything else we should know about Nantucket?

Zach: If you haven’t been there yet, add it to the bucket list!