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Getting to know Kennebunkport, Maine

All of the beach blankets in our New England Collection are named after quintessential coastal towns along the New England coast: The Nantucket, The Newport, The Kennebunkport and The Greenwich.

As a California based company, we wanted to enlist the help of locals to give us the inside scoop on what makes each location so special. Every other week we'll feature a new city.

First up we have blogger Lauren Ratsep of "Make Every Outfit Count" showing us around Kennebunkport, Maine. 

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Fair Seas: Kennebunkport is definitely on our summer vacation bucket list. Tell us what is something you simply must do or see while visiting this adorable town. 

Lauren: While visiting Kennebunkport you must enjoy all of the charm this small town has to offer. You can spend hours visiting dozens of different shops, eating some of the best lobster rolls at The Clam Shack, or simply taking a seat and relaxing in one the of the many Adirondack chairs throughout the town. Throughout town and on the shoreline there are multiple walking and biking trails that can lead you through some of the most beautiful and scenic spots of Kennebunkport. One trail will even lead you to Walker's Point, where President George H. W. Bush has a summer house overlooking the ocean. This is a very popular spot to stop and snag a photo of the famous residence!

Fair Seas: We know you've spent a lot of time in Kennebunkport with your family growing up. What's your favorite summer memory here?

Lauren: My favorite summer memory of Kennebunkport is packing up the car and heading to the beach. Maine is known for its beautiful beaches but Kennebunkport beach was always my favorite. My family and I would spend all day here, playing in the sand and soaking in the sun for hours on end. After the cold and long Maine winters here, this beach was always the place I looked forward to all year long!

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Fair Seas: We'll admit it, we're coffee addicts. Specifically, iced coffee. Where's the best place to grab a cup of joe when we're here?

Lauren: Kennebunkport is home to a quaint little coffee shop called Dock Square Coffee House. This small but adorable coffee house is always my favorite place to stop and grab a pick me up as we are strolling through town. Not only can you get an amazing coffee or cappuccino but you can also get your hands on some homemade pastries and treats. Inside the coffee house you can sit and peer out into a view of the water, or grab a seat out front on a bench to enjoy your coffee. Right next-door to the coffee house is The Candy Man, which is full of their famous homemade fudges and other treats if you are looking for something else to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Fair Seas: Yum! Ok, now we're hungry. Where should we be sure to make a dinner reservation? 

Lauren: My favorite place for dinner is Alisson’s Restaurant, located in Dock Square, Kennebunkport. My family, friends, and I always try and stop in for either dinner or a quick lunch whenever we come into town! Here, you can get all the fresh lobster and clams you can eat and the atmosphere in Alisson’s always has a way to make you feel at home or like one of the locals. Alisson’s is definitely a summer tradition of mine, and has become one of my favorite places to eat in Kennebunkport.

Fair Seas: It's no secret we're beach bums here. What’s your favorite beach to spend a day at and why?

Lauren: My favorite beach in Kennebunkport is Goochs Beach. The beach is set on the shoreline just a few minutes from the little town. I love this beach because of how peaceful the shoreline is. It’s also never too crowded so you’re always guaranteed a perfect spot on the sand with plenty of room. Goochs beach is pretty much perfect if you don’t mind the water being a bit chilly. It’s the perfect size for a long walk and the waves are large enough for some good body surfing. One thing I love to do while I’m there is walk to the end of the beach to the breakwater and watch the boat traffic going in and out of the river. Goochs beach is all around the perfect spot, it's family friendly and simply gorgeous. I’ve been coming to this beach since I was 5 years old with my family and friends. I have definitely made some lifelong memories here and will continue to go back every year!

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Fair Seas: We want the real deal here. What's your favorite secret spot - if you’re willing to give it away ;)

Lauren: My favorite spot in Kennebunkport is right behind some of the shops and restaurants in Dock Square. It’s a little nook where the inside of the shops are over the ocean water and their balconies all facing each other. Some stores are painted bright colors like purple and red, and hanging flowers are everywhere you look. This secret spot full of charm and character is just steps beyond the busy Kennebunkport streets.

Fair Seas: Ok, we officially want to go to Kennebunkport! Anything else we should know before we make our plans?    

Lauren: If you’re ever looking for a place to get some ice cream, you must stop at Rococo! Located in town, they make artisan ice cream and gelato in so many flavors. When I was there I got the famous Maine Whoopie Pie gelato (it tasted just like the real thing!) They are always changing up their flavors and making them with all fresh and local ingredients.

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Thanks to Lauren for giving us a visitor's guide around Kennebunkport, Maine! If you want to shop our yellow Kennebunkport beach blanket, you can find it here