The Inside Scoop on Newport, Rhode Island

August 11, 2016

The Inside Scoop on Newport, Rhode Island

We caught up with Abby Capalbo, an editorial stylist living in Rhode Island, to give us the insider track to Newport, RI. We found Abby on Instagram and fell in love with her gorgeous feed showcasing her adventures all around New England, often times accompanied by her adorable pup Otto. We were thrilled to connect with her to hear all about her favorite spots in Newport and to get a visual tour of this gorgeous coastal town with images by photographer Erin McGinn.

Fair Seas: Let’s get right to it, what is something you simply must do or see while visiting Newport, Rhode Island?

Abby: Well this is tough, but if I had to pick one thing it would be to take a drive down Ocean Drive. Whatever the season, it never fails to inspire. The ocean is gorgeous and the stunning homes jutting out from every corner never gets old. End your trip at Castle Hill Inn for a cocktail overlooking Narragansett Bay, and you’ll never be happier.

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Fair Seas: That sounds amazing! I’m sure it’s hard to pick just one thing. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane then… what’s your favorite summer memory here?

Abby: Every time I’m in Newport I’m as happy as a clam, so it’s hard to pick just one, but we did stop in Newport the day we got engaged. We had just closed on our very first home, and we headed to Newport to have a celebratory cocktail at the Clarke Cooke House. I didn’t even know the best was yet to come. It was a stunning day in June, and I just remember this feeling of pure bliss. And that was even before the engagement! It’s impossible for me to be in Newport now without remembering that feeling, and I just think that is the best.

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Fair Seas: Love that! What a perfect day that must have been. Ok, transitioning to food. What’s a good place to grab brunch?

Abby: These questions are all so hard, because Newport is full of amazing places to eat but I think Brick Alley Pub is a no fail for brunch. It’s such a crowd pleaser, and good for everyone. I always recommend it to folks.

Fair Seas: Wow, they have everything on the menu! Now that we can’t stop thinking about food, where do you recommend going for dinner?

Abby: OK, so this is where I have to name a few. Castle Hill Inn has amazing food and, like I mentioned before, an amazing view. I love the Clarke Cooke House because it can be as fancy or as casual as you like, and the food is always fabulous (the Sky Bar is my favorite). We love Mexican, and Diego’s is our go to for dynamite and fresh eats in Newport. For special occasions, we love Tallulah on Thames. The food isn’t just fresh and delicious there, it’s a total experience. Trust me, this is my shortest of short lists there are just so many! 

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Fair Seas: For us, the perfect summer day involves sand between our toes. What’s your favorite beach in Newport and why?

Abby: I love Gooseberry Beach off of Ocean Drive because it’s not as well-known and tends to be less crowded on a busy summer day. But you really can’t go wrong at any beach in Newport in my opinion! There is nothing better than a beach day!

Fair Seas: Agreed! You’ve already shared so many special spots with us but, we have to ask, what’s your favorite secret spot if you’re willing to give it away ;)

Abby: So it’s not technically a secret, but since it’s in Jamestown, I feel like it gets overlooked from time to time. I love the view at Beavertail Lighthouse. The rocks are so extreme, and on a stormy day the waves can be fierce. It’s a beautiful piece of coastline overlooking Newport.

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Fair Seas: Sounds gorgeous! OK, so if we had 24 hours to spend in Newport, how should we spend our day?

Abby: A morning coffee and dog walk along the Cliff Walk, then heading to the beach to soak up the afternoon before you head to Castle Hill Inn for a cocktail while the sunsets over Narragansett Bay. Then capping it all off with a late dinner in the Sky Bar at the Clarke Cooke House. Feelfree to substitute the beach with a day on the boat. Whatever works best, I’m not picky.

Fair Seas: Anything else we should know about Newport, Rhode Island?

Abby: Don’t forget to check out the mansions. They are really something to see, and truly never get old. It’s amazing to think of all the stories that took place in them during their heydays!

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