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How to use a Turkish Towel

How to use your turkish towel

Turkish towels, also known as  fouta, hammam or peshtemal towels, are known for their versatility. They are lightweight, quick drying, durable and super absorbent, making them nearly perfect for any scenario when you need a pretty piece of fabric. We want to make sure you're maximizing your Fair Seas products, so we're showing you nine different ways you can use your organic Turkish towels all year round. 


The most obvious way to use your Turkish towel is at the beach or pool. The flat weave of the towel (vs. the pile weave of a terry towel) makes it so sand slides right off. Wrap yourself in it after a dip in the water and you'll find your towel dries just as quickly as you do.  

Turkish Beach Towel
Organic Cotton Head Towel

head towel

Nobody likes a head full of wet hair with a heavy towel. Throw your hair up in one of our towels and you'll be surprised by just how absorbent and lightweight it is. Your neck will thank you.

turkish towel wall tapestry

Add a practical pop of color to your entryway or mudroom with a towel or two. Mix and match  colors and patterns for a personalized touch. 

Hanging Turkish Towel
Lightweight Throw


It's our philosophy is that you can never have too many blankets around. The super soft organic cotton is perfect to have next to your couch or on your porch whenever you need to bundle up.


One of our favorite ways to style our Turkish towels is as a scarf or shawl. It's the perfect accessory for any beach vacation! 

Turkish Towel as a Scarf
Lightweight picnic blanket


Whether spontaneous or planned, your towel will combine function and style at your next picnic. Pro tip - keep one in your car so you're always prepared!


Wrap your towel around your waist for a chic way to make a quick snack bar run on the beach. Make it a halter by taking two long corners and crossing them in front of your neck. Tie them together in the back and, voila! 

Beach Sarong
Turkish Beach Towel


Once you start using Turkish towels in your bathroom, you'll never look back! We know at first  they may look thin, but you'll be surprised how absorbent they are. Since they dry so quickly, they're also less likely to mildew. Yes, please.

beach bag

Tie all four corners of your towel together to make the perfect no-fuss beach bag! Fill it with snacks and a good book and you're all set for the perfect beach day. 

Turkish Towel as a bag