Why organic cotton matters

While many of us may make an effort to purchase more organic foods, it may not have crossed your mind that you should consider purchasing textiles that come from organic sources as well. 

If you're not familiar with the differences between organic and non-organic cotton farming, we've put together a few facts that highlight the primary distinctions. 

Organic cotton vs. non-organic cotton farming

While it is clear there is extra work that goes into producing organic cotton, which is why it is typically more expensive to purchase, you may be shocked to know that, despite the risk standard cotton presents to the environment and people, organic cotton now equals just 0.7 percent of global cotton production. Less than 1%!

We are proud to say that 100% of our Turkish towels here at Fair Seas Supply Co. are woven from yarn-dyed organic cotton. While we may be part of a small group that is committed to using organic textiles, it is our hope that as we help educate consumers demand for organic and eco-friendly materials in the marketplace will increase.